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New Build Homes

So you have found yourself a plot of land.

...What is the potential?

...What can I do with it?

...Can I construct a new build home on this land?

These may be a few of the questions that perhaps you have asked yourself when in this position. At Draft 2 Design Ltd we aim to assist you in answering any or all of these questions.

May be there is already a house or building currently occupying the land...it may be suitable to redevelop or refurbish what is currently there, perhaps you can add an extension...generally in most cases it would be more cost effective to demolish and rebuild to your own exact specifications. There may be the potential to increase the number of dwellings on the plot or change the product to say some apartments...either way, whether an experienced Developer or new to the industry we can help smooth the way and make it an easier less stressful process to gain your new build home.

When deciding on the potential for a piece of land or the feasibility of developing on a plot of land for new build homes (Green Field sites or Brownfield Sites) due consideration should be given from the outset to ensure that it lies within the Development Boundary of the Local Authority Framework or Policy Guidelines. Although it is not impossible to develop land for new build homes outside this development boundary, most Local Authorities will impose strict guidelines of what you can or can not do. In a lot of cases development may not be possible.

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